Prepare for picture overload because my little Chaya buns is already 1 year old, and yes I'm a dorky mom who can't help but take trillions of photos of my kid and post them on my blog...but hey it's my blog :)  This year has just passed us by so fast.  It really is unbelievable how big she is and all the amazing things she can do already.  I've found myself growing more and more sentimental, having a child has really made time go by faster and I just want to hold on to every single moment.  You might remember Chaya from her 6 month sesssion I posted on the blog a while back.  It's incredible looking back and seeing how much she's grown.  Since Chaya is an October baby it seemed perfect to head out to the pumpkin patch for her 1 year session, and in true Chaya form she was a little grumpy stinker as soon as the camera came out.  Luckily between the grumpy faces and Chaya size meltdowns we had a few smiles and giggles.  I included a few grumpy out takes because they really show her funny faces and little personality.  She has a flair for drama, but man I love this little cutie pie!