We had just the perfect evening at the Grand Haven State Park for Abby and Daryl's engagement session.  Abby and Daryl just got engaged, flew to Michigan from California for an engagement party and were planning a move to China in just a few short days, so in the whirlwind of the busy schedule we had a chance to fit in their engagement session.  Abby grew up in Grand Haven so it felt perfect to have an quiet evening with the two of them, enjoying a few moments together alone in a place that is special to Abby's heart.  They are just so sweet and adorable together and it was so great getting to know you and photographing this special time.  Thank you for sharing this moment with me, I wish you all the best in your new move to China. Phrené - Exquisite Photography |www.phrene.comPhrené - Exquisite Photography |www.phrene.com