tap tap tap…anyone still here? Ok elephant in the room I haven’t blogged since last February, yep LAST February and here we are and it’s already 2019. Where does time go, serious apologies, it isn’t that I haven’t had some crazy awesome clients and crazy awesome shoots because I have. I think I’ve had too many and just felt like some things needed to get pushed to the back burner so I could find whatever balance there is in life between boss lady running a business and an attentive loving mom and wife…HA BALANCE, like that really exists. Anyways, one of those things that got neglected was my blog, at least it wasn’t my kids right, lol!

So now that I’m back, assuming any of you are still here, let’s just kick off the blog with Julie and Sam’s wedding because it was pretty epic. I love these two, they are the happiest people you’ll ever meet and their wedding day reflected all of who they are. I feel like I don’t need to explain much because the pictures tell their story best. Can we all agree that the Downtown Market is a really sweet place to get married?! Yeah me too, so if you are planning to get married there or know someone who is, hit me up because I could shoot there every day!

Venue: Grand Rapids Downtown Market