It's not often I have the opportunity to photograph a baby at 3 months.  It's not that they aren't cute at 3 months, it's just that parents usually want to capture one of those milestone moments like sitting up, crawling, walking, etc.   After looking through these photographs, I'm so glad Carlie and Steven chose to do a session at 3 months.  It's so amazing how much they change in such a short amount of time.  My son was born last May and I'm realizing that his 1 year birthday will be here sooner then later, and then the baby days are over.   I'm kicking myself for not getting out the "real camera" more often to photograph these amazing moments (being a photographer does not mean I am constantly taking amazing photo of my own children, though to be honest I was my New Years resolution...)  My guess is that Wallace has already changed so much since I was there photographing him for this session.  Since Carlie and Steven live on the other side of the state it made much more sense for me to come to their home, feeding/napping schedules of a little one pretty much dictate your schedule at this point.  If traveling for your baby session seems like way to much work, consider doing the session in your home.  It really gives your images an intimate, cozy feel and plus you can include your fur babies, because after all they are family too!

If you're interested in having me document your special moments please contact me!  Can't wait to connect with you and share our motherhood stories!    XO -Phrené