Laura + Bryan's wedding was a wedding that I want to be at every weekend. Laura and Bryan are just great people to be around; I think I could laugh for an entire day straight with them. Laura's family is from Michigan and Bryan's family is from New York, so there were a lot of New Yorkers traveling to the little town of Middleville, Michigan. Laura and Bryan's friends and family were just as much fun as them (which I wasn't expecting anything less). The night started out strong on the dance floor and continued on the entire night. I loved Laura and Bryan's no look that took place right before the ceremony. My favorite was the moment Laura covered his eyes and give him a kiss (also one of my favorite photos). The day was filled with great love, the best bride and groom, bride and groom dinosaur centerpieces, cigars, farm animals, great dancing, and fun people; I feel like you can't ask for much more. Congratulations Laura + Bryan and thank you for letting me be a part of your day! 

- Alyssa

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