I have been so excited to post this engagement session! Tiffany and James thought out every detail of their engagement session making it just right for them and extremely meaningful. We started with their little family (the cutest little girl and the best behaved dog ever). I already know that Dahlia is the luckiest girl ever because she got to name her dog Elsa... every little girls dream :) We ended in the country with an old truck that James built. The truck started life as a 1953 farm truck. When James first got it, it was just a cab in pieces. He found a truck bed from an old 1949 Chevy and a newer drive train out of a 1988 Chevy pickup truck.  After putting all of those pieces together, he added more of the detail work, like the old barn wood on the sides that came from his dad's old barn. 

" When James and I started talking last summer, the truck was one of the first subjects that we talked in depth about.  On our second official date, James and I went to a car show together with the truck and we sat together and talked all day and it was later that evening that he kissed me for the first time and asked me to be his girlfriend. So, we like to think the truck had a special part in our love story, and that's why he branded it forever with our initials" - Tiffany

Tiffany lost a family member a few years ago and his favorite thing was bikes, so Tiffany new she had to incorporate bikes into their engagement session as well. Wait till you see how cute these two look riding their bikes through the country. I hope you enjoy this preview as much as I do! Patiently awaiting their wedding at the Centennial Barn!

- Alyssa