When you start a post with "Destination Wedding" you know it's going to be a good post.  I don't even know where to begin with describing the experience I had shooting this wedding.  Flying into Oregon I was greeted with majestic mountains and crystal clear rivers, it was seriously gorgeous.  I knew then that this would be an incredible wedding...and it did not disappoint.  Tim and Sarah were married nearby the vineyards at Chemeketa Eola Viticulture Center and man were the views amazing.  We were on top of a hill looking out over the vineyards with rolling hills in the distance and even a view of one of the mountain peaks nearby.  I only hope my photos do justice to what was a breathtaking scene. And of course it didn't hurt that Tim and Sarah are just so perfect together, they love each other so much and it was just so easy to photograph them because I just let them be together and it unfolded so effortlessly before me.  Not only were they super sweet together but every person involved in this special day was full of love and joy for these two.  It was so awesome observing and photographing all those precious moments throughout the day.  Tim and Sarah, I can't begin to tell you how honored and blessed I feel having the opportunity to come out to Oregon to photograph your wedding, thank you!  It was truly special and we are just so thrilled for the both of you.  May God bless your marriage and give you many years of love together!

My adorable husband agreed to come and be my personal sherpa for this wedding, isn't he handsome!  I don't know what I would have done without him, he made sure I had sunscreen reapplied every few hours, kept me hydrated, and juggled my gear ALL day, he's a keeper for sure...did I mention my camera bag is pink....and he still carried it all day.  No big deal, he's manly enough to pull off a pink bag and bouquet. KISS, love you babe

Sarah is gorgeous!

Love his reaction at the first look, you can tell exactly what his first words were when he saw her! ..OH WOW

He kept checking her out, it was so cute, he's definitely smitten with Sarah

When you shoot in Oregon there's eye candy everywhere.  I just loved these huge trees...and they were huge.


They had an abundance of super cute little ones at this wedding, I could have photographed them all day

Did I mention the views!

At the end of the night, as we were wrapping up, the sky turned this amazing pink and orange color.  What better way to end the night