I am a sucker for beautiful picturesque rolling hills and fields, it's probably my favorite scene to shoot in and now I live in podunk...no it's literally called Podunk on a map which is kind of funny because I am so not a country girl.  However, despite the name this place is full of gorgeous rolling hills and fields perfect for pictures.  Every day I drive by places and think "oh that would be so good for a photo shoot" and I finally got the chance to shoot in all those cool spots for Becky and Joe's engagement session.  Now I know that these images look so pretty with gorgeous light, romantic moments full of smiles, but let me tell you there are obstacles when tackling this country scene.  We battled dust, bug bites, crazy awful pokey weeds that are painful and itchy, you name it we battled it, so to say that these two are troopers is an understatement.  Not only did they battle these obstacles but they did it with ease, laughter, joy, and sincere love for each other.  Becky and Joe are a joy to photograph, and just a joy to hang out with.  Yes, we may have had our behind the scenes obstacles  but really the evening was a fun night of jokes and laughter and I can't thank you two enough for being so trusting and willing to do what it takes to make the night photo magic.  Can't wait to see you guys again for wedding day!