Where do I begin? This session is too cute for words. A homemade teepee, soft colors, a vintage family bucket, a beautiful momma and baby. Charlotte had no complaints throughout the entire session. She was just hanging out, enjoy life with a few laughs.... the only exception was when we put her in the grass (she doesn't like the grass). Other than that she was perfect! This session is full of kisses and love just like Charlotte's life. She has already received enough love to last a lifetime, and I know she is only going to get more from her wonderful family. Abby and Levi 's adoption story about Charlotte is so inspiring.  They wrote this letter to Charlotte when she was born and I just had to share it again: "As I sit and look into your big brown eyes I can not imagine not believing in God. I’ve know him most of my life. But walking this road the last 4 years I’ve never felt more sure that He knows me, and he knows you my little one.

Your story began with time and in our lives we see it starting over 25 years ago. When your grandma and grandpa attended school with our “angel”. She would go on to open an adoption agency and all these years later end up being the one God used to direct our path to you.

Our faith was stretched and our strength tried but deep in our souls we knew you were the one. I knew that at the end you would be mine and I would be yours, your mom. God kept whispering his promises to me. As we learned more about you and your little life inside the womb I couldn’t believe it. God was answering prayers I was too afraid to ask him for. But he knew. He saw my thoughts and He knows my heart and even in those moments I was afraid to trust, he gave anyways.

You came early and fast, you caught us by surprise. Our Christmas miracle. You’re strong and so absolutely beautiful. We are overwhelmingly in love with you. I would wait another lifetime just to call you mine. Every minute before you, every tear, every ache deep within me God has made new. May you always know our love for you. Your birth family’s love and sacrifice and most of all the love of your Heavenly Father who has already worked miracles in your life and story. May people come to know him and his evident love through you.

We love you,

Our sweet precious Charlotte"L26A1742web