Graffiti train cars and a perfect sunset in March, who could ask for a better Holland wedding.  Thank you Hilary for asking me to be your wedding photographer.  Having photographed you before as a bridesmaid in a previous wedding, I love, love being able to come back and share in your special day.  Hilary and Tyler live in San Diego and were planning a Michigan wedding... in March.  I can't lie, I was a little nervous.  Michigan in March can be scary, especially this year with the polar vortex, arctic blasts ridiculous craziness.  I was nervous that they had forgotten how Michigan can be in March.  But honestly their wedding was perfect, we even had the most perfect sunset to end the evening.  Plus Hilary is just awesome, I happened to see this grungy train car with pink graffiti on my way to meet the ladies in the morning.  Yes, PINK graffiti.  I was so excited it was the first thing I blurted out of my mouth when I saw her, not "hi" or "how are you", but "oh my gosh there's a train car with pink graffiti!"   Hilary's response was "awesome Phrene, I love you!"  Makes a photographer's heart melt :) Tyler, you are awesome too, you are both perfect for each other and I love photographing your love together.  I wish many wedding blessing to you both, and give you major props for toughing out a March Michigan wedding.  hollandwedding001hollandwedding002hollandwedding003hollandwedding004hollandwedding005hollandwedding006hollandwedding007hollandwedding008hollandwedding009hollandwedding010hollandwedding011hollandwedding012hollandwedding013hollandwedding014hollandwedding015hollandwedding016hollandwedding017hollandwedding018hollandwedding019hollandwedding020hollandwedding021hollandwedding022hollandwedding023hollandwedding024hollandwedding025hollandwedding026hollandwedding027hollandwedding028hollandwedding029hollandwedding030hollandwedding031hollandwedding032hollandwedding033hollandwedding034hollandwedding035hollandwedding036hollandwedding037hollandwedding038hollandwedding039hollandwedding040hollandwedding041hollandwedding042hollandwedding043hollandwedding044hollandwedding045hollandwedding046hollandwedding047hollandwedding048hollandwedding049hollandwedding050hollandwedding051hollandwedding052This was an awesome moment, let me give  a little back story.  Tyler and Hilary were originally planning a New York wedding, but tragedy struck and changed the plan a little.  Hilary's brother was in a car accident here in Holland and I guess it was pretty serious.  I don't know the details but I do know that they were so thankful that he was alive.  Hilary and Tyler decided to move the wedding to Michigan so that her brother could be a part of this special day.  This moment when he hugged his sister, brought tears to my eyes.  It's a miracle and blessing from above that he could be here to smile at her, share the joy and laughter, or simply give her a hug.  It makes you realize that life is precious, family is precious.  hollandwedding053hollandwedding054hollandwedding055hollandwedding056hollandwedding057hollandwedding058hollandwedding059hollandwedding060hollandwedding061hollandwedding062hollandwedding063hollandwedding064hollandwedding065hollandwedding066hollandwedding067hollandwedding068hollandwedding069hollandwedding070hollandwedding071hollandwedding072hollandwedding073hollandwedding074hollandwedding075hollandwedding076hollandwedding077hollandwedding078hollandwedding079hollandwedding080hollandwedding082hollandwedding083hollandwedding084hollandwedding085hollandwedding086hollandwedding087hollandwedding088hollandwedding089hollandwedding090hollandwedding091hollandwedding092