Where does the time go?  It's truly hard to believe that my husband and I are celebrating Chaya's half birthday already.  It seems like yesterday we were welcoming her into the world for the first time.  You might remember her from her newborn session back in October.  She's so big now and FULL of personality.  We love her so much and I'm delighted to share new photos of her so you can see how she's grown.  Unfortunately, being the baby of a photographer means you put up with crazy mom ideas and a camera in your face constantly.  It's a good thing she's little and will either not remember, or at least get used to it by the time she can remember.  I had a lot of silly, over the top ideas for her session, at one point Kurt turned to me and said...she's only 6 months old mom.  I said, I know I know sorry too many ideas for one little baby.  The behind the scenes of this session would make you laugh, balloons flying everywhere, confetti going in the mouth, dad trying to help Chaya sit up, keep confetti out of the mouth, grabbing balloons, grabbing Chaya, nap time meltdowns, lollipop sticky everywhere, poor kid.  The funniest part was her getting a lollipop for the first time.  Chaya has never had sugar or candy before, I'm not a crazy mom, I do not feed my 6 month old lollipops.  She had the lollipop in her hand for about 10 seconds, enough time for me to snap a few pics.  It took less then 10 seconds for her to figure out that she LOVES lollipops.  From then on every time she saw a glimpse of that lollipop, it was whining and grabbing followed by a meltdown- I have opened a can of worms.  4C0A8448blog4C0A8495blog4C0A8558blogShe was having a blast trying to catch balloons4C0A8562blog4C0A8656blogThis was a little in between moment, she's such a daddy's girl :)4C0A8688blog4C0A8730blog4C0A8740blog4C0A8792blog4C0A8811blog4C0A8959blog4C0A8826blog4C0A8967blog4C0A8950blog4C0A8898blog4C0A8880blog4C0A8908blog

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