A downtown Grand Rapids Wedding at Bistro Bella Vita for Summer and Ryan. Summer and I go WAYYY back!! Like back before I started a business, and back before either one of us had met our future husbands, and we chatted about our future weddings from the beginning. Then there's Ryan, oh Ryan. How I loved to give him a hard time, you see Summer and I used to work together and Ryan was our boss. We were the best at "working"... while chatting and catching up on girl talk, picking on him relentlessly, and probably giving him migraines by the end of the day. Can you imagine being in charge of not one but two us, that are suppose to be working...together. Fond memories, Ryan, fond memories. When Summer told me they were finally a couple I couldn't be happier for them both. I was even more excited to be asked to photograph their wedding. Yes, I love Summer and as a friend it was incredible to be there for her on that special day....but best of all I got to give Ryan a hard time one last time. I had to wait a few years, but well worth the wait ;) Thanks Ryan, you are a trooper and when I photographed you two together I can just see how much you love her. It's truly beautiful and it made me smile, I'm so happy for you both.