Hello and welcome to Studio Phrené, I'm so glad you stopped by.  I am Phrené (pronounced fre-nay...it's ok everyone always asks!) the owner and head photographer of Studio Phrené. I've been a professional photographer for 10 years and hold a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Kendall College of Art and Design and currently teach as an adjunct Professor of Photography at Cornerstone University. 

I've been married to my true love and best friend for 10 years, we have a beautiful little girl, Chaya, who you've probably seen pop up on Facebook and Instagram because she is the laughter and light of my world. Recently we welcomed our second little bundle of joy, Seth.  As my children grow up I'm realizing just how fast this baby stage goes, and though those baby years are tough, I'm really going to miss them.  Photography is that tangible piece of history that allows up to hold on the memories of the past.

Whether I am photographing laughter and tears, or the giggles and wiggles of a little one, it is my goal to create timeless art pieces that tell your story and preserve your priceless memories. Photographs are what we hold on to for generations, we will share them with family and friends now and for years to come.  Someday soon your babies will grow up, you'll find yourself with an empty nest,  but your photographs will last forever. 

I would be honored to capture your forever memories, please take a moment to check out my recent work on the blog, Instagram, or Facebook and reach out to chat.  I would love to share mom stories, get to know your family, and create the art you will treasure for a lifetime.